Anonymous said: nothing to do with A but do you think Aria would wear dr marten boots? :)

I’m sure she’d rock them somehow.

Kisses, E


Anonymous said: its not that your messages are disappearing, you've just been answering them privately.

omg, are you serious? lol I suck at life.


Again, I went to answer a question and it disappeared uh. This one was from slugtears? I think? It said that “if Aria is innocent shes going to be upset” (or something like that). As am I.

-Kisses, E


everyone, I’m sorry I’ve sucked so much lately with the blog.  love you all


Not “A” related, but absolutely hilarious!

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Anonymous said: What time is service, Sister?

You guys are too much omg, it’s every Sunday at 9 and 11 am. LOL

-Kisses, -E


Anonymous said: Omg I am so sorry hahahahaha I read 'nurse' and I even wrote nurse. And I know freaking know why in my head was nun! Hahahahaha Sorry!

OMG I’m laughing even harder now. This is great. <3

-Kisses, -E 


Anonymous said: How come you are a nurse and have a boyfriend? Aren't you catholic?

OMG I literally just laughed out loud… I’m a working lady, I can have a boyfriend lol.  And no, I am absolutely not catholic, sorry. 

Kisses & Confusion, -E


Anonymous said: Okay I follow ur blog, like religiously and I know u said u were a nurse but u look super young in that pic? most nurses i know are old and stuff, like at least 50.

Yes, I am a nurse. I’m 24 years old. I went to college directly out of high school, so I promise you don’t have to be 50 to be a nurse! 

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